What is sublimation?

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Sublimation is the process of using heat to transfer shade to a towel. The photos and also styles are printed on unique paper that is after that put on the garment as well as warmed to allow the ink to end up being a permanent part of the fabric. Therefore, the product will be a lot more breathable and positive to touch. The very best component is that the numerals, letters, as well as images won't peel, discolor, or remove!

Styles that are included directly onto the towel came to be part of the material itself. In sublimation, all of the styles elements, consisting of the team logo, shades, and numbers, end up being  part of the material, as opposed to various other techniques, such as needlework, where they are "stitched" right into the surface.

Furthermore, the high temperatures and pressures employed in sublimation turn the prints into gas, which makes a strong bond with the fabric molecules and completely integrates with them. They're entirely entwined!

What is the definition of sublimation or sublimated? Sublimation is the process of transferring color to textile using heat. The images and designs are printed on a special paper that is then applied to the garment and heated to allow the ink to become a permanent part of the fabric. As a result, the material will b more breathable and pleasant to touch. The best part is that the numerals, letters, and images won't peel, fade, or wash away!

  • The printer is filled with sublimation dyes. Colors are often represented in the CMYK color system.
  • After that, the images are printed onto transfer paper. Colors and designs have no restrictions.
  • Heat s used to transfer the ink the cloth so that it may be sublimated
  • The garment panels are cut from the fabric spools and ink is fused into the pores of the cloth.
  • The panels are sewed and put together to create a fantastic sublimated sporting item

Benefits of Using Sublimation

  • With no extra charge, you may have as many colors as you like. Sublimation is not like screen printing, it does not need separate displays, films, or considerate setup. We might need to tweak your artwork, the procedure after that is easy, as well as in smaller sized amounts, it might be much less pricey in general than other methods like screen printing.
  • It produces vibrant colors, which makes it ideal for photography.
  • The print will not fracture, peel, or fade due to sublimation process. A sublimated print will not break or peel and will endure as long as the garment. As a result, you may enjoy the exquisite quality and clarity of the player number, names, emblem, and club colors throughout the duration of the jersey's existence.
  • Complex all-over sublimation patters or printing on the front and back of your uniforms are possible.
  • The design is hardly noticeable, giving the cloth a delicate feel.
  • Add rhinestones, hotfix glitter, or heat transfer foil to your clothing to make it stand out. Though the expense of art may make this level of customization costly, because each garment is printed from its own transfer rather than mass-produced on the same set of displays, this method allows making particular, adjustments per printed product a lot easier.
  • Because of the nature of sublimation, the prints are never heavy or thick. The method leaves the garment untouched, save for the inclusion of your artwork. It implies that sublimated uniforms are substantially lighter to wear, providing players with greater comfort than traditional jersey. Furthermore, once the pattern becomes one with the fabric, the players will be unable to feel the dried ink, weaves, or threads, adding to their level of comfort - all they will be able to feel is the softness of the cloth!
  • Sublimation printing is always in trend. There's no need to be concerned about a uniform being discontinued next seasons because sublimated jerseys and uniforms are custom manufactured. Because we retain your design on file, it's very simple to reorder one from us in the future.

Sublimation printing is a flexible digital printing technology that offers up a world of possibilities for any decorative products buyer. Some garment decorators refer to it as dye-sub or dye sublimation printing, but whatever your name it, it is a flexible, digital printing technology that offers up a world of possibilities for any decorated products buyer.

You now understand why sublimation printing is the best option for your club, league, or organization. There is no room for bad quality prints with modern printing equipment and a flawless technique to assure amazing clarity and details.



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