Direct to Film

Direct To Film (DTF) printing is a process of printing on film using a full color inkjet printer. During the DTF printing process, the inks are directly transferred to the film, so there are no coatings to worry about.

Direct To Film Printing is an exciting new method for decorating apparel. Unlike traditional inkjet printing, this method does not require pre-treatment, allowing for bright colors and designs. The final product is usually a garment or other type of merchandise. In addition, this process does not require special equipment.

DTF printing eliminates the need for pretreatment, allowing for a more affordable solution for personalizing dark and light-colored polyester. Direct To Film printing is a great option for companies that want to print on many different types of fabric. Unlike DTG printing, it requires less white ink, which can save your business a lot of money. DTF prints are also more durable. They will not crack or peel and can stand up to many washes. Because of this, it's a good choice for high-volume applications and national brands.

During the DTF printing process, a layer of hot-melt powder is applied onto the film. This powder is applied uniformly and must be spread on the film while it is still wet. In addition, it is important to carefully remove excess powder. To ensure an even distribution of powder, a common method is to hold the film by the short edges while parallel to the floor. Afterward, the film is placed in the oven with the powder side up.

DTF printing is a great choice for customers who want bright, vibrant prints on clothing. This new printing method combines the advantages of digital inkjet and transfer printing. DTF prints are durable and can last as long as silkscreen prints. However, DTF printing does require the use of a high-quality heat press and a quality printer. You can purchase wholesale gang sheets by the foot. A gang sheet is what we call multiple items on one page.

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